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"I am very happy with the service I have received with Drivewise. They have an excellent in-class instructor and they have the best in-car instructors. Susan is the best driving instructor anyone could ask for. I am definitely going to be referring Drivewise to my family and friends. Thank you Drivewise!"

- Mitchell Mclean

driving lessons in simcoe reviews

"I went to the Drivewise driving school in Simcoe, where I completed the 4-day program to obtain my driver's ed certificate. It was recommended by every friend I went to high school with as well as their parents who were all pleased by the program. Jim, Diane, and all the staff I met during the experience including my driving instructor Jim Dollery were all very encouraging and flexible, making driving school a great learning experience! It felt like Jim and Diane truly cared that the experience made you a better driver and aren't just in it for the money. After Drivewise I felt confident when I went to my G2 test and sure enough, I passed! :) Thank you, Jim and Diane!"


driving school in simcoe reviews drivewise

"I liked the instructors and the care they have for us. I also like the Bravo learning games and answering the questions using the clickers. I chose Drivewise because my brother went and I would recommend Drivewise to my friends. My in-class instructor was funny and nice. The classroom was clean and comfortable."


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"Drivewise Simcoe made for a great learn-to-drive experience! Jim made the in-class portion fun, interesting, and easy to understand. The online portion of the course was simple and very effective! Sue Rapai, my in-car driving instructor, was excellent. She was very thorough when explaining rules of the road, was very calm and encouraging. She scheduled my lessons in a way that accommodated my schedule. Diane and Jim are great at communicating with students and ensuring success. I would recommend Drivewise to all new drivers."

-E. McKay

Drivewise is the most advanced driving school in Simcoe

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Drivewise Safe Start Program

Drivewise Safe Start Program

Drivewise Safe Start Program

The most interactive and engaging driving school in Simcoe. 20 hours of in-class learning, 10 hours of online learning, 10 hours of in-car training, MTO certification. $599.99 plus HST.  

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Class Schedule

Drivewise Safe Start Program

Drivewise Safe Start Program

Check out our advanced curriculum. See why Drivewise is the leader in driver training. Classes are held at Fanshawe College in Simcoe. 

Classes are filling up!

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Not sure where to start?

Drivewise Safe Start Program

Not sure where to start?

We are here to help you along the way. Feel free to reach out at anytime and we will do our best to answer your questions.